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December 27, 2019

All about Account Management

Account management Terms and Conditions and related Infos to apply

Based on our passed account management sessions, the success team account management department has decided to review its account management terms and conditions.

In the past, we just ask for the account management registration fees to be paid before we manage accounts and our commission 20% paid only after we make profits.

At least 45% of the account holders after withdrawing their profits decided to run away and not pay our commission. Only because they have a project to finance, they need money, they want us to wait until their investment in which they put the whole profits starts giving incomes.

Until now we did not receive the expected commissions.

To completely finish with this we decided to ask the commissions of the expected profits for all our future account management sessions.

In the form specify how much profits you want us to make for you and calculate 20% of it that is the amount you have to pay plus your account registration fees.

If you want to have from $100,000 to $500,000 and that you cannot pay the 20% commissions now, you can deposit a guaranteed amount starting from  $5000 to $20,000 as the commissions of 20% from $100,000 profits is $20,000.

This guarantee is placed in a buffer account and can be returned to you if ever we do not make your expected profits. However, we will request that amount if we make the expected profits and require the remaining from you. In the case, we make $100,000 for you and request the guarantee amount of $5000 it will remain $15000 to make the full 20% commission for $100,000 profits.

Note: Do not forget every account registration fee for the services is $100 these fees are not for us and are directly versed in the taxer authorities.

Download the account management form here: Account Management form for   or Fill it online here: Online registration

By signing you agree with our terms and conditions and agree to submit your private account details to us for account management services, you agree to give us 20% of your expected profits before we start managing your account this time. It is no longer as usual (commissions paid after profits) and all 100% of the profits are yours, finally, you agree and understand that trading is risky therefore we are not responsible for any financial loss or damage. However, we highly value your funds and will take all the necessary measures for consistent profits. we ensure and guarantee you at 100% transparency and accuracy in profits, your withdrawals will be processed by itself within their withdrawal timeframe.

Note: Our account managers are now allowed to use the cash Flow Pro to trade-in customers’ accounts or connect accounts with our robotic auto trading system or use all our other strategies to trade manually.

FEES: The service fees are for $100 and free for the last two options.

IMPORTANT: See the minimum deposits and the expected profits in the table below

The minimum amount deposited MAD) Profits expected and guaranteed (PEG) Waiting Time frame Customer net amount withdrawal (NAW)
$1    –  $200 $500 – $3000 One week
X –  0% ( x = PEG) (20%  ST commission paid in advance)
$200 – $3000 $3000 -10,000 72 days
X –  0% ( x = PEG) (20%  ST commission paid in advance)
$3,000 -$10,000 $25,000-50,000 72h
X –  0% ( x = PEG) (20%  ST commission paid in advance)
$10,000 -$30,000 $55000-$80,000 24h
X –  0% ( x = PEG) (20%  ST commission paid in advance)
$30,000-$50,000 $150,000 to $350,000 1h of trading
X –  0% ( x = PEG) (20%  ST commission paid in advance)
$55,000-$100,000 $350,000 to $500,000 1h of trading
X –  0% ( x = PEG) (20%  ST commission paid in advance)

Note: The last and last but one option qualify the applicant to the trading insurance offered by the success team. Your deposit and profits are protected by trading insurance if you have somehow a problem with your account or verifying your account for withdrawal the insurance pays you the same amount in your account balance plus 15% as compensation.

For  more Infos contact the Account Management Department:

  • This success team branch office is opened for one year for VIPs.
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